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Populace Digital is a Raleigh PPC Agency that find you leads at an affordable cost. We are experts in Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), increasing leads, sales, and market share for local triangle businesses daily. As digital marketing experts, we navigate the world’s best search engines and help you stand out from your competitors. Our scalable model guarantees a profitable ROI in the first 30 days.

Search Engine Marketing

Since the introduction of search engines in 1990, the world of marketing and sales has never been the same and the world of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing emerged. People go to Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find news, look up recipes, and, most importantly, find the services and products they need. With over 5 billion searches a day, if you are not marketing on major search engines, your competition is taking your customers.

Often, companies stick to a solely organic search engine strategy. While organic search traffic is essential, without paid search advertising, your competitors can rank for industry keywords and even your own brand name. Dominating the search results takes a dual presnese in both the organic and paid search spaces. The truth is, ranking both organically and through paid channels tremendously boosts your user engagement, customer interaction, brand strength, and overall credibility.

Google, Bing, & Yahoo

When you think of search engines, the first name that comes to your mind is Google for a good reason. Google is the standard when it comes to paid and organic search. However, Bing and Yahoo have slowly gained significant market share over the years. Often, cost per click and cost per acquisition is significantly lower on the Microsoft search networks. Additionally, Bing and Yahoo searches are a completely different user-type than Google searchers. Because of this, our team dissects your company’s target audience and campaign goals. Based on our digital strategy, we decide what tactic and platform we want to target. Often, we are solely paying for Google inventory. However, sometimes run an 80/20 split on Google and Bing that results in lower CPC and higher conversion rates. Altogether, no digital campaign is alike and we consider all platforms and tactics before we commit to a set search engine.

Good Landing Pages Drive Leads

Dominating the search results through PPC is one thing, driving those clicks to convert into lead forms and sales in another thing. At Populace Digital we believe in controlling the entire customer experience. From search ad copy to landing page development, we create relevant PPC campaigns that convert. Understanding how users interact with your website is the first step to driving action among prospects and customers. We utilize top of the line software that tracks how long people stay on your site, how far they scroll down the page, and what images and ad copy they gravitate towards. We use this data to make important design decisions. This process has increased sales in highly competitive industries.

Why do I need Paid Search Ads?

The truth is, hundreds of thousands of people are on Google a day. Standing out among your competition is the only way to create lasting growth. Thankfully, Populace Digital is a Raleigh PPC Agency that can drive leads and sales to your business at an affordable cost. Unlike other Digital Marketing agencies, we create a long term, sales focused, digital plan that becomes a foundation to your success.

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